Nigeria does not have a data privacy law which means that you should make it a point of duty to protect your data as much as you can. In the frenzy of being social, people are giving away too much information than necessary. I can only give my suggestions on this. The duty to act on it lies with you.

Here are 3 things that I suggest you keep away from Social Media for your own safety.

1. Details of your Next Vacation

Social media is sort of a make belief world and, therefore, people enjoy telling others about their next trip and, in some cases, how long they will be away. You must have heard stories of how criminals waited for some Stars to travel before attacking their homes. That is an example of what can happen, if one is not careful. Nothing, however, stops you from posting photos while on Vacation, but the lesser, the better.

2. Home Address

If you fall into the category of people giving away their home address on social media, my question is why do you want the whole world to know where you live? In fact, some people check into their homes! While no one is wishing anything bad to happen, it is simply not advisable – if you must post your address or check into your home on Facebook, then, limit those who can view that activity. You can simply switch to friends of friend.

3. Clues to your Password

Hackers are having a blast all over the world and in some cases all they need to do is apply a bit of social engineering and they can get into your account. We advice you to stop giving out password ideas, especially, when choosing your security question and answer. For example, if you mention the street where you grew up somewhere on Social Media and, then, you state that street somewhere online, then, you make it easy to be compromised.

Although we mentioned only 3 tips here, we have seen many more like people uploading ATM cards, compromising photos and many other things.

The point of today’s tech tips is simply this – you can be Social without giving away too much information about your life. Remember that Evans, the caught kidnapper confessed that he got most of the information about his victims from the social media platforms!

A word is enough for the wise.

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