Technology is revolutionizing virtually everything including news reportage.

The definition of news is beginning to change. At this point, you don’t need to sit down and wait for a fixed time to hear the news. Technology has disrupted that.

With technology playing a critical role in the media industry, the definition of news has changed.

It is no longer the common information been passed across from one person to another. The news is now regarded as intelligent information.

For the last decades in Nigeria, acquiring big television was trendy, that has evolved to the flat screen TV which somewhat a projector to show other peoples content. Today, most people depend or use their smartphones to connect to the world.


You don’t wait for the O’ clock news to know what is going on around the world.

The smartphone is the future because smartphone penetration in Nigeria is expected to increase tremendously.

You may no longer need to subscribe to television channels; rather you make use of your smart device to have access to that content that matters to you.

All of these factors have been fathomed by one of the newly emerging digital media outlet, Bounce News.


Bounce News is set to disrupt the Nigerian digital media industry considering the uniqueness it has promised to showcase in Nigeria, following the official launch in Lagos recently.

A chat with Goodluck Ikporo, General Manager at Bounce News and the tour within the office space, reveals to some extent the readiness and commitment of Bounce News to shake the ways through which news are reported in Nigeria.

Bounce News Office

“Bounce has not come to taste the waters; we have come to stay in business. When you start a business, you provide the capital; we have enough to pay our staff.

This is a rented office, and perhaps Bounce News would own a building bigger than this in 10 years,” Ikporo revealed when asked how Bounce News pays its staff.

Bounce News office has different departments, and each of these departments has its role in contributing to the overall objective.

Surely, they have their editorial team surrounded by media practitioners, and I was surprised to see a senior colleague who left Vanguard to join the Bounce News editorial team.

As we moved on, a department called Nollywood caught my attention. The Nollywood department is a room sized studio built with the latest, and high-quality sound proves the system.

It is a room where high video quality contents are produced. In some cases, Bounce News invites music stars to have a session.


However, the MD at Bounce News politely declined to provide answers as some journalists got bent on asking questions.

Bounce News Mobile App

As part of Bounce News strategy, they developed a mobile app that is primarily designed to give you personalized, authentic and original news that could change your life for good.

Ever wondered why 60 percent of news items scheduled in a bulletin have nothing to do with you? That is where Bounce News has its edge.

Further, have you wished for consistent news that intelligently gives you information about your career, business, course of study and relationship?

Don’t let anyone tell you it’s impossible, all you need is to have a source that gives you an edge.

Bounce News is dedicated to delivering daily inspiring and relevant stories tailored to empower Nigerians and give everyone a voice in the polity.

You just need to download the app from Google Play Store, sign in and get your new feeds personalized by selecting the sections that interest you.

Let me break down a bit, by studying search patterns and activities on social media to know the kind of stories that interest its readers.

Bounce News can make recommendations while transforming necessary information into applied intelligence.

With the Bounce app, users receive news items which help them make informed decisions about their personal lives, careers, and businesses.

“When you first launch the Bounce News app, you’ll be given the option to select which interests you prefer to follow. This defines the initial set of content it will show to you.

It will look at your profiles and the content you have publicly shared to find additional interests that could be relevant to you.”

Further, the app also analyzes user activity on the app to find out what kind of stories they read or skip, and any action taken by stories (like using the thumbs up or thumbs down).

Each of these actions teaches Bounce a little bit about users’ interests, and over time, it will get pretty good at predicting which stories you love.

Bounce News, which is already popular among Nigerians of various demographics, offers a range of exciting news items that cut across – politics, entertainment, business, sports, fashion, education, tech and law, and crime.

Unlike regular news apps, Bounce News significantly improves the experience of consuming news on the internet as it is designed to function optimally on slower networks or small data.

You can save stories and read offline.

Personal Lessons

After the tour and chat with some of the team members, it reoccurred to me that is it still not enough to write alone as a journalist without having a basic understanding of video editing.

Bounce News team make their videos.

“Most of the journalists overseas use their smartphones to do everything, they have their cameras, and they make videos. I knew that it was a skill that is imperative as a journalist.

When I joined Bounce, I was exposed to all of that, but am still learning video editing,” a journalist, at Bounce News told me on chat when I asked if he knows how to edit videos with Adobe software.

Obviously, video editing is an area to look at as a journalist.