How Diverse is Coding?

In Nigeria, things are seen and perceived differently. Now, all parents want their children to learn how to code.

Similarly, when the idea of e-commerce came into Nigeria, all businesses started redesigning their websites to suit an e-commerce site standard. To put just, everybody must not code.

However, this write-up is not to downplay the role of coding or programming but rather to show how coding has transformed and evolved the entire industry.

Coding is not only limited to IT sector, and it is now essential in various fields like: Mathematics, Physics, Astronomy, Chemistry, Civil Engineering, Electrical Engineering, Banking and even Arts!

Although, the best part about learning how to code is that you can do everything with coding.

Any task which is repeatable in nature or involves an enormous amount of calculations can be easily done in a small amount of time with the help of coding.

How is Coding related with the Following Subjects?

Physics: You can make a computer simulation of various bodies with different masses m1, m2, m3, m4,.. and collide them with each other and see what happens with their direction of velocity, etc. You have to write code with the proper equations of physics incorporated in it. You can find an excellent application of this kind of simulation in the game “Angry Bird.”

A more practical application is driving an airplane. Nowadays, most of the tasks are accomplished by computers in an airplane helping the pilot to determine when the plane should increase or decrease its height, change its direction by how much angle or when it should initiate landing, etc.

The computer program checks the position and speed of the plane, its height, air pressure, outside temperature, etc. to do its task.

Astronomy: Similarly, the computer simulation of different stars and planets with their distinct masses, spins, and positions are generated. This helps scientists to predict precisely when there will be an Eclipse and from which part of the earth it will be visible for how long. Some asteroid will ever hit the ground, or not can also be predicted.

Moreover, when a spaceship leaves the surface to reach the moon, Mars or any other place, scientists depend on this kind of simulations to determine in which direction and with how much speed the spaceship should be launched and when it should change its direction, etc.

How Diverse is Coding?

Chemistry: The three-dimensional structure of some molecule is simulated in a computer. Different atoms have a different orientation of electron clouds or its orbitals (s,p,d,f) and different magnetic moments in specific directions.

The computer simulation can calculate how the molecular structure will look like, how much will be the internal energy or how stable is the molecule.

Banking: Some computer program executes each of the business transactions you make (cash withdrawals, deposits, cash transfers). This helps you get the service from any part of the world.

Arts: Filmmaking requires video editing and creating audio and visual effects for the movie. Any such tasks are done by computer programs because they are done in specific software. Image processing also requires computing.

Civil Engineering: The structure of a building or a bridge consists of trashes. In the case of a very complex structure of trash, the force applied on each trash cannot be calculated in hand, or it is too hard to do and time-consuming. Computer programs can calculate this and help us determine how much stable the trash structure is, which trash has the maximum stress and why and much more.

Electrical Engineering: An electrical circuit consisting of resistors, capacitors, inductors, etc. can be simulated in a computer program which can determine the flow and direction of current in any position in the circuit.

Before designing the actual circuit on the board, you can just simulate this and test it to find any defects. Therefore, your final physical design will be error free.


Lastly, coding is very critical but not everybody will learn how to code. I must mention that creating a software product with coding does not demand high investments. You can start coding if you just have a laptop. But the product you develop may someday become as valuable as million dollars !!!