Tech Hacks that can be Learned in 15 Minutes

There are a lot of tricks and tech hacks to improve your daily lifestyle. I will share with you these several hacks that would allow you get the best out of every tech related issues or situations.

I am sharing here top 12 tech hacks, by applying these hacks you can easily simplify your life and get things going easily.

Check the IP of the person you are skyping with: For this, just go to Skype IP Resolver and paste the Skype login to the line.

Stop some softwares from Expiry: You can stop some softwares from expiry by changing the system date/time

Use opera max to maximize your data: It will save 30% of your total data.(You can also turn off your images to save more data).

Want to save 50% money on online purchase: Just remove your credit cards details from your favorite sites. (mainly from shopping sites)

Tech Hacks that can be Learned in 15 Minutes

Find the secret .gov files: For this, you’ll need to use Google search operators. Just paste into the Google line the following: site:.Gov. “top secret” and you will find thousands of pages in Google.

Find direct link to download any song: Just search this query – filetype mp3 song name. To find video just change mp3 to mp4

Read 3 star online review: When buying something online or downloading any software, only read 3 star review because they are much familiar with all pros and cons of that product.

Check the Skype-name from email: For this just go to You are being redirected… and paste the email address of one you want to check.

Change any video to mp3 without any software: Just change file name extension to “mp3” and you are done.

Save battery: Your phone is battery low and you want to run your phone for long time, just put your mobile at “Airplane Mode”. You can also charge your cell phone fast by these tricks.

View Saved or Remembered passwords: Usually browsers have the option to save passwords. We can use this option to get password of others