The digital age has given everyone ample opportunity to explore the internet and the kids should not be left out.

These days, children are being preyed upon by online fraudsters with or without their parent’s knowledge. So protection is a critical factor as long as children and the Internet are concerned.

There has to be a limit at which kids can go, it behoves the parents to help their children learn how to navigate around the Internet and keep them safe.

The question, therefore, is how do we as adults help kids understand their world when we are not entirely aware of the threats and benefits of things like the internet?

The Internet is a school of its own, which is there to tutor both adults and kids. There are technology tips will help educate as many willing adults as possible about the internet so they can help kids stay safe online.

The irony of technology would be that despite the enormous advantages it provides, there are still lots of negative effects too. However, we must bear in mind that technology is not dangerous and so keeping kids away from it entirely could be more dangerous especially because the positives supersedes the negatives.

Some of the useful insights we have so far gotten from the Internet includes the different modes of communication, from emails to instant messaging, texting, calls and video chat and a whole lot of other things.

Then some of the horrible stuff includes online scams, misuse of information for negative results, character attacks and cyber-bullying, exploitation of children and child predators.

As scary as this sounds, there are some solutions to educate you so you can help kids avoid it? Here are some apps that would help.

1. This app has a mission to promote digital citizenship, online safety and civility. With many tips about current events on the topic of online security, your kids will surely be safe online if you practice them.

2. One of the critical roles of the government is the protection of the citizens, which is why we have the military. has proven that the government has also embraced technology and taken to protect citizens both adults and kids online. With practical tips on how to detect online fraud and safeguard your personal information. is an excellent initiative.

3. Primero: This app facilitates the secure collection, storage, and sharing of data to improve child protection, incident monitoring, and family reunification services by key players in the humanitarian sector.