In this technology age, it is tough to predict the future. However, what is glaring is that, at least there are 5 top American multinationals that are setting and shaping the future.

Google, Microsoft, Apple, Amazon, and Facebook continue to create amazing things that are of significant value to the world. We do not know what would happen next. However, I could arguably point out that Google will continue to lead the software future.

Reliable reports show that Tech giants including Baidu and Google spent $20B to $30B on AI in 2016, with 90% of this spent on R&D and deployment, and 10% on AI acquisitions. The most significant search engine company has been so committed to carrying out extensive research into Artificial Intelligence.

For instance, Android by Google is making the entire world connected because almost everybody is using Android and that is because they are usually proactive.

Google search engine is still the biggest one, churning out lots of money through its advertising (Adwords bidding). Already, most companies unveiled voice searches into the market, but the emergence of Adword bidding is somewhat a blow to the future.

That is why we have seen lots of products come up coupled with a remarkable acquisition at least one company on a weekly basis. Check most of the things that we use on a daily basis just do a Google search, these companies lead in that space.

Apple is beginning to focus more on pros with iMac Pro and the rumoured modular Mac Pro. Windows had control over the incredibly professional market, but Apple is breaking in.

While Microsoft makes money from other sources, the Windows OS remains a significant one. However, if Google (Chrome) and Apple (MacOS) run ahead of the Windows, it becomes a difficult task for Microsoft.

From Apple Incorporated point of view, I think they have got some cash reserves worth $256 billion which is worth more than Microsoft, Google and Amazon combined.

Apple also seems to have the highest profit margin more than the other three companies. However, they have potentials of investing in new technology, especially the AI, because we haven’t heard much about Apple’s plans towards investing in AI.

Aside from that, the iPhone maker has been known for being aggressive when it comes to consumer tech industry. They launch different kinds of products yearly, for instance, devices like the MacBook (2015) made the USB-C a standard, as well iPhone 7 made the headphone jack obsolete.

They make not necessarily be the first firm to do a significant change, but they have reshaped the consumer tech industry over the years.

Before now, Microsoft used to be one of the biggest players when the Windows OS was ubiquitous. This preceded the smartphone boom. Hence most computing is done with smartphones.

When Microsoft discovered that they needed to take things to the next level, it was somewhat too late for them because Apple and Android had already captured the market. That was the same issue that occurred when Nokia didn’t take proactive steps towards bringing smartphone into the market.

Microsoft owns Azure, a profitable cloud computing product which lots of smaller companies find interesting. They host some of their big data with Microsoft. They are also heavily investing in AI. With the vision and diversified market, Microsoft leads.

Maybe at the end of the whole tunnel, both Google, Apple will continue to set the pace for the future.