In a bid to encourage the teens to start developing problem-solving skills, The Teens Can Code Conference 2017 held recently in Lagos gathered over 500 teenagers from different schools in the state to learn from experts.

The conference was conceptualized with a vision to giving every teenager in the land the opportunity to learn about technology and a mission of providing computer programming training to students and equipping them with the skills they need to be creators in the digital economy and to be active citizens in our technology-driven world.

The highlight of the event saw Bolaji, a software developer at Andela, give the teens an insight into computational thinking.

He stated that, it is the thought process that involves breaking down a problem into smaller problems and coming up with a solution which is basically what coding is entailed.

According to him “In the real sense of it everyone is a coder because, what we do in our everyday life is solving problems.

The reason why we have journalists is to solve the problem of getting information down to people. The reason we have doctors is solving the problem of diseases and illnesses”.

The event also brought about testimonies from teens who have been incorporated into the “teens can code world” and have been undergoing coding training.

They encouraged the other teens to sign up and get empowered with coding skills to change the world, together with their other counterparts around the world.

The star of the show was Olaolu Olawuyi, a 16 years old teen who has been coding since he was 11 years old and has so far developed an app for software developers that has been downloaded over 20000 times.

Furthermore, it was stated that the opportunity every child has, should not be determined by the status of their parents or where they live or school. Every child should be provided with learning opportunities in technology, especially, those in the under-served areas.

They came up with the slogan “If I can read and write, I can code because teens can code.”