The first edition of the monthly CFA’s Startup Hangout was a good foundation to empowering start-ups from various industries. Meanwhile,this Friday,17th February, 2017, will be another D-Day for the second edition.

A lot has been said about the second edition considering the fact that two of the most successful entrepreneurs in Nigeria would grace the event. It would be a great opportunity to see Dr. Sam Ohabunwa and Rev. Folayan Sunday, Founder Sam Ohuabunwa Foundation For Economic Empowerment (SOFEE), and renowned Internet Protocol Network Engineering Consultant and Educator, respectively, at the event.

You have all the opportunity to meet them and fire them with different questions relating to your business. Their intellectual capabilities and years of experience are inspiring achievements to reckon with. All your questions would be answered with practical step by step approach. So, there are amble reasons to be there.

However, the theme for February edition sounds so thrilling and inspiring, “Staying Focused Against all Odds”. That been said, the venue remains the same, Adna Hotel, Oladipo Batere, GRA, Ikeja.

CFA's Startup Hangout: Entrepreneurs to Meet this Friday

Obviously, it is important startups get the needed support they need in terms of knowledge and network. This is simply why is bringing you CFA’s Startups Hangout a monthly meetup where Startups can connect with successful entrepreneurs and top executives who have had similar experiences along the journey.

This is believed to enable startups learn a thing or two such that they can easily leapfrog without having to make the very same or similar mistakes.

Why you Should Attend?

-To understand what and what needs to be done during an entrepreneurial journey.

– For Startups to learn from successful entrepreneurs, nuggets on how they can weather through unfavourable economic state to success.

– For Startups to network with one another in order to collaborate and partner with each other, taking advantage of areas of strengths and weaknesses, to synergize to achieve growth.

In conclusion, it is imperative to note that this is an opportunity for different entrepreneurs and startups to put heads together. Brainstorm and start implementing good ideas for themselves.