Social media has many sides. One of the positive sides is that people have the ability to get news as it breaks. So, one may argue that enlightenment is on the increase. On the other hand, it has quite a number of negative sides such as fake news but my focus today is what I call social media love spam.

Love is a basic human instinct that can easily be skewed towards the positive or negative depending on the context. Well, the smart alecks who understand this fact have decided to use it in the context of luring either sex to their side.

From my personal research, I can conclude that the main target of social media love spammers who are usually guys posing like babes are usually guys.

This is a typical way the plot is hatched. The spammer goes to a favourite social media site and looks for guys (and in a few cases they target ladies) who they believe are well to do or that can at least part with some cash and then they add these guys as friends.

After the friend requests are accepted, they would then send a well (in some cases poorly) written script that usually takes this sort of format:

“Hello, How are you Am Miss Mary by Name 23 years old of age from Cape verde Island is just a number i saw your profile today am very happy to be your friend am very sorry if i embarrassing you, am not always online in this face book .com write me back to my pvt address [] i will be happy to see your respond so that i will send you more of my pictures and i have something very serious to tell you about me Thank Mary.

“Please notes: if you can not write to my e mail address Delete my massage it may not be for you. My E- mail Address [].” (Sic)

The above was sent to me using a pretty lady’s photo as the profile picture. I have published exactly as it was send to me. Poorly written and made no sense but the possibility of a few falling for this cannot be ruled out hence this post.

The next one I would publish is not something you would consider as love spam. However, it is important to still discuss it and I will explain why afterwards. It goes thus:

“I am Elizabeth Davis. Do you need a loan to start up business? Personal loan? Loan for your home improvement? Do you need Debt consolidation loan? — Finish Reading on the Punch