The kind of innovations rolled out by Facebook is just mind-blowing, making things becoming easier for users. Is this an innovation perse?

The kind of crazy that oversees stomach infrastructure is a good one for almost everyone except those that can fast for 365 days.

Facebook rolled out an update to all US Facebook mobile app users to enable them order for food right from their Facebook account.

The start order button has been tested for a year for selected users and things seems to work out well following a positive feedback. So the feature is now available on Facebook App for Android and IOS users in the United States.

Facebook was able to achieve this by partnering with third-party food vendors in the US, like Door Dash, Zuppler, Slice,, EatStreet, Olo, and ChowNow. Also, ordering services from popular chains such as Five Guys, Papa John’s, Jack in the Box, Five Guys, Chipotle, Wingshot, Jimmy John, etc.

How it works is that Facebook users must have an account with the food ordering service to place order. One unique feature about it is that you’ll be able to browse restaurants nearby and will be able to place an order just by tapping the order button.

So to get started placing an order, you must have an Android or IOS phone with an updated Facebook app, tap the Explore tab on the menu, and then navigate to the ‘Order Food’ session where you will be able to browse different restaurant and place order.

This is so unique, and I can’t imagine Facebook replicating the same in Nigeria. Lagos state and Abuja can be an excellent starting location for this, considering the population and demography of people leaving there.

Also, the lifestyle of people in the area is more tech aligned compared to other states in Nigeria. I’m very optimistic that the adoption will be massive; a yummy foodie like me will surely love this because we won’t cease demanding for something light in the restaurant.