Getting access to medical attention on time can be the difference between life and death. Technology is, however, seeing to improvement in this. I recently had a chat with Dr. Njoku Amadi-Obi, the developer of the Hudibia app, to discuss how this app gives quality healthcare services.

Dr. Njoku Amadi-Obi is a Research Fellow in Telemedicine and works on wearable technologies healthcare.

According to the Doctor, the Hudibia app is one that allows users to search for Doctors anywhere in the world, book appointments and consult Doctors directly on their smartphones without having to go to anywhere. He stated that Hudibia is an all encompassing medical app.

On what specific problems the Hudibia app seeks to solve and how it intends to do that, he stated that the initial idea was to integrate medical Doctors, many of whom are abroad, into the Nigerian medical system. The app allows anyone to access the app anywhere in the world, but targeted towards diaspora physicians. It is now a broad-based app that encompasses different aspects of medical care such as health awareness and access to local hospitals.

On how the Hudibia app increases awareness, Dr. Amadi-Obi reiterated that the health awareness on the app include many common medical conditions. The tips and advice sections give users access to any medical conditions through the use of a list of FAQs. Non-English speakers can also access the app directly, e.g., Igbo, Hausa and Yoruba.

On what the process is, for a user, from the moment he signs in, to the point where he receives medical help, Dr. Amadi-Obi stated that the Hudibia app is free on the app store for iPhone and Android smartphones. The process is to download the app, add your personal details, select your password and you are good to. You, then, familiarise yourself with the interface and select the option of what you want to do.

Dr.Amadi-Obi said payments for consultancy are made directly in the app through debit and credit cards. The app, he said, is used for consulting users search for the period the Doctors are available. When the agreed consultation time comes, it is just set up like a visual Skype between the Doctor and the user.

To enjoy the app, he said, you do not need a supersonic internet connection required for a YouTube video will suffice. Dr. Amadi-Obi also stated that a user can use the app to find nearby local hospitals, just with a click.

Quack Doctors are real threats that presently exist in our midst. Responding to a question on how the Doctors and the hospitals get verified, he stated that the details of each Doctor goes to the Admin for verification on registration on the system. Things verified include medical certificates, medical council papers, etc., before they are put on the system. Dr. Amadi-Obi said that the Hudibia app was initially structured to take care of Nigeria but, anyone in the world can also use the app.

On what he can do with government concerning the app, he said that it could be challenging working with government, especially, in terns if infrastructure, funding. and collaboration. An area where collaboration cn, however, occur is in disseminating information, e.g., information about Lassa fever which has been put on the app already. The app also has a disease alert system which alerts the users through notifications.

Finally, Dr. Amadi-Obi is of the view that the Hudibia app is capable of being a public health tool for governmental and organisations and public health professionals. These are the aspects he looks forward to, working with the government.

You can watch the full interview here.