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Internet Solutions, Accuris Network to Launch Africa-Wide Wifi Network

Internet Solutions, Accuris Network to Launch Africa-Wide Wifi Network

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Internet Solutions, Accuris Network to Launch Africa-Wide Wifi Network

Internet Solutions (IS), pan-African telecommunications service provider is partnering with Accuris Networks, a Dublin-based firm to launch an Africa-wide WiFi network to global carriers, multinational companies, and local ISPs.

In a statement, the firm said to explain that IS’ various independent WiFi networks are now consolidated using the Accuris WiFi server to enable “a carrier-grade, homogenous network accessible anywhere with single sign-on.”

“This creates a pan-African WiFi fabric for ‘Internet of Things’ applications demanding a consistent, low-cost, IP access network,” the companies add.

Internet Solutions, Accuris Network to Launch Africa-Wide Wifi Network

Kervin Pillay, Chief Technology Officer at Internet Solutions, said WiFi continues to be the most viable and cost-effective connectivity solutions to meet Africa’s increasing bandwidth demands.

“Like individual consumers, our business users expect always-available connectivity that is fast, affordable and seamless. In other words, connectivity in Africa that is as reliable as connectivity wherever else their customers are located. Installing the Accuris WiFi Server is part of an ongoing process of upgrading our infrastructure, services, and technology to deliver on this promise.”

According to IS, Mobile Network Operators (MNOs) can use this network to access WiFi offload services to address capacity demands of their smartphone users, while inbound roamers can resell WiFi to subscribers who require high-quality broadband while traveling.

At the same time, ISPs have the opportunity to use manged Captive Portal and Landing Page services for private WiFI networks, which, according to the Internet Solutions is a relatively common offering in South Africa, but less so elsewhere in Africa.

“The decision to partner with Accuris Networks for this project was an easy one, given the company’s history and expertise as a trusted provider of cloud-based security, identity, and access management for carrier Wi-Fi networks,” said Pillay.

“Internet Solutions is a provider of choice, delivering IP connectivity to one of the world’s fastest growing markets,” said Jeff Brown, Chief Executive Officer at Accuris.

“Accuris is pleased to provide Internet Solutions a powerful yet cost-effective carrier-grade platform to meet the demands of a growing subscriber base.”

Network industry experts have highlighted recent changes to Africa’s WiFi landscape and that these are helping to facilitate smart city deployments.

The view shared by business leaders in this market is that the continent will likely see a lot more WiFi being deployed in the towns and metro areas going forward, particularly because of the rapid growth in mobility and the quest by MNOs to enhance their data.

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