One of my article posts, I emphasized that iPhone 5S remains one of my favorite smartphones. The class, design, and durability of the device are a unique selling point for me.

The device was launched by Apple Incorporated in 2013, and we are gradually approaching 2018. Even at that, a lot of people still have a penchant for the device.

Apple devices are usually expensive and probably overrated according to some Android phone lovers. They believe that iPhones are overpriced and that has made lots of people switch to other options (Android device).

I decided to figure out what other people think about buying an iPhone 5S, though the price slashed by almost 50percent.

Hakirat Singh

I always tell people to get a smartphone based on their usage scenario’s and not on the number of useless features that the phone has. The iPhone 5S is decent enough, it has no faults so to speak, but it is not that good a device to buy considering it is almost four years old now.
The problem is that the hardware on the phone has not been upgraded but the software is, which is a good thing overall, but the phone has got slower from its original days is what I mean.

Sharat Chandra

Of course, it’s not the latest and greatest version Apple’s smartphone. We’ve already seen four new ones since, the iPhone 6, 6 Plus, 6s and the 6s Plus. At a time when smartphones become irrelevant and outdated quickly, should you be spending money on a two and half-year-old device?

Harshit Jain

Amazingly fast….
It’s an iPhone, not an Android.
I have three Androids to date and now when I buy this iPhone 5s. One this is for sure, and that’s the performance of the phone.
Amazingly fast, indeed an excellent buy.
In all the terms the phone is speedy and quickly responsive.

Chuck Rogers

Of course, the answer depends on what you are paying for it. It is a beautiful iPhone and was sold as new as recently as March of 2016. Apple should continue to support it with iOS updates for the next 3–4 years and parts will be available long after that.
As a phone, it will work as good as any other. I think most (if not all) of the apps that work on an iPhone 6 or 7 will also run on the 5s.

Mayank Arora

I would say no because as Apple works, soon you will not be able to update your iPhone 5s to higher iOS versions as it will not support it and as a consequence of which most of the apps on iStore will also update making you unable to download them and secondly you have many other options too to choose from at the same or slightly higher price. Must have a look at iPhone SE.

Pranil Prafna

It’s always worth buying an iPhone, whether it is iPhone 4, 4s, 5 or 5s, though these phones are old now, still an iPhone is always worth buying for those people who can’t afford when they are launched. So these people wait for the product price to fall a bit so that they can buy it.


The decision merely is yours, and nobody should dictate for you what you want. I think, its a good deal presently.