“It was an adventure, but yet interesting as I set out to Badagry to meet one of the acclaimed sellers who posted the photo of iPhone 5S on, one of the largest online market places in Nigeria” Prince (Not his real name) narrated.

The young lad is a crazy lover of Apple devices and had spent all the time during the weekend on the web in search of a London-Used iPhone 5S that sells a reduced price.

Majority of the iPhone 5S he saw on jiji were black and none was below N45,000. These seem not to have worked for my buddy because he needed a white iPhone 5S that will not exceed N35, 000. And that’s a slim budget, if I must say.

“I was happy to see exactly what I was looking for at a cheaper rate (N30, 000)” he said. “Hmmmm, London-Used iPhone 5S at the rate of 30K,” I cut in.

It was glaring that Prince was extremely thrift, this is a device that people almost broke the bank a year ago, just to purchase it.

“This is a premium device, how on earth could someone tell me to bring 30K, you were damn gullible,” I added.

Prince and the aclaimed seller had been in talks on the phone during the weekend. Although, the price was too juicy for him, as he needed to question the credibility of the seller.

He requested to know the name of the seller, location, as well as the business name. The young man told him that his business name is James Ventures, No 74 Baye Street, Ajaniki, Badagry, but never mentioned his name.

“If you are interested in buying our product, you need to make 50 percent of deposit before we can deliver the product. All you need is to send your location and pay in into the account number I will send to you shortly,” these were the words of the acclaimed seller to Prince.

Prince ignored to deposit a dime but decided to go to Badagry to know where James Venture is situated.

“It was a long journey, I already decided to make it an adventure, I wasn’t expecting the deal to work out. I haven’t been to Badagry before, so I decided to use that medium to visit that part of Lagos.”

“The bus highlighted at the Ajaniki, I was standing straight in front of the King’s Palace (King of Ajaniki). I called that scammer, he told me, he is sending his boys to come pick me up.”

“I waited for several minutes, I called but his two lines were always busy. I called countless numbers of times, it was still the same story, but I instantly figured out that my calls were been diverted to busy.”

“I recharged my Glo line, called, it went through, that cleared my doubt that he actually diverted my calls to busy. After that first call, I redialled, it was the same story of busy. I wasn’t disappointed because I was prepared for it”

“I asked almost everybody if they know Baye Street, nobody seem to have heard such name, let alone of knowing the street. I had to leave after waiting for some time under the scorching sun.”

After narrating his odeals, I took a deep breath and exclaimed “what an interesting adventure!.

I analysed deeply and ask myself how does verify the sellers on the platform? Despite claiming that they have a special algorithm that fishes out scammers on the platform, how come they could not fish this one out?

If jiji must retain the trust they have gathered over the years, it must make sure all necessary measures are in place to checkmate scammers on the platform.

This indeed, a bad image on jiji’s gallery.