Global leader in consumer electronics and home appliances, LG, has introduced to the the Nigerian market “All New Gencoool Dual Inverter Airconditioner” which will help consumers save electricity consumption with an increased cooling capacity of 40% thereby reducing bills.

The new product includes variable speed compressor which is designed to save energy of 70% by constantly adjusting the compressor speed to maintain desired temperature level, thereby reducing energy costs.

This is in line with the company’s determination to offer Nigerians with cutting edge technological products that addresses their distinctive needs, LG said.

Speaking during the launch, Cholyong Park, General Manager Air Conditioning and Energy Solutions, LG Electronics West Africa, said the new product is expected to solve the problem of the current demand of consumers seeking energy efficient products.

According to Park, the new product features a dual inverter compressor with 10 Year Warranty that helps users enjoy benefits of LG air conditioner for a longer period of time.

Unlike the conventional AC that cannot operate at lower speed due to constant rotation, the new product has faster cooling technology which operates at higher speed with more stability, cooling air up to 40 % faster,” he explained

He said the product features a 40% torque vibration reduction resulting in the quietest operation of outdoor unit.

Adding that 15 degrees tilted skew fan minimizes the surface friction of the blade when in contact with the air.

“The All New Gencool Inverter Compressor constantly adjusts a compressor’s speed to maintain desired temperature levels.

Moreover, Dual Inverter Compressor with power saving operation range frequency saves more energy than conventional compressor”, he said.

Continuing Park said, “Clean, fresh air is essential for good health; LG is committed to providing advanced technologies that are energy efficient and ecofriendly.

The product comes with multi-protection filter that removes up to 99.99% particles providing a safer living environment and is capable of making a big difference to air quality in the home.

“The All New Gencool can run on the 0.7 KVA Generators popularly referred to as “I pass my neighbour.

“This AC meets the demands of customers who want to use Air Conditioners in Nigeria with small capacity generators as well as inverter/solar; it comes fully loaded with innovative technologies for convenience and optimum performance”.

In his views, Mohammed Fouani, Managing Director, Fouani Nigeria Limited said “The LG All New Gencool Airconditioner operates at low sound levels, due to company’s unique skew fan and dual inverter compressor which eliminates unnecessary noise and allow for smooth operation.

“This product also allows homes with small capacity generators to continue to use household appliances together with the air conditioner without disruption” he said.