My LinkedIn Profile Blunder

Its less than 5 years, I registered on LinkedIn. Trust me, this is one of the best platforms to start building a perfect and strong connections to better your career.

At the initial stage, I discovered how most of my connections find time to build and structure thier profiles. Well detailed and attractive, I must say. On the other hand, I still find some profiles not interesting at all.

Being a newbie on the platform, I never knew paying attention to those details matter were germane to attracting opportunities.

If you ask me, I think it requires atleast one hour for you to bring your LinkedIn profile into perfection, at the point of signing up. You continuing building your profile, as you continuing acquiring different skills and experience.

Having known that LinkedIn is obviously different from any other platforms, for instance Facebook, Twitter. It became imperative for me to start building my profile the way I think it should be. A stunning LinkedIn profile like this one.

That being said, I have made several mistakes perhaps due to negligence or ignorance on this platform. This may have cost me opportunities, who knows!.

Yes, a lot of opportunities, this is because lots of firms always have thier eyes on stunning LinkedIn profile.

Interestingly, there are enermous reasons you should be serious about LinkedIn. This is a platform where a few people who I know have gotten some of thier current jobs.

Beside getting jobs, some have built strong business relationships with thier connections on LinkedIn, hence, the carefulness on the platform cannot be questioned.

However, here are some of the mistakes I have made, as well as my personal observations from other people’s profile.

A Good Professional Headshot

Having a good headshot is step one out of step ten. I have not perfected this yet but its a costly mistake on LinkedIn.

My LinkedIn Profile Blunders
Good Headshot
My LinkedIn Profile Blunders
Bad Headshot

LinkedIn is a platform for professionals and everything that go in there should also be professional. A good suit or corporate shirt is one way to start with.

No Contact Information

This is a rare mistake but I have visited some LinkedIn profiles and found nothing relating to contact information. Including your email address and a telephone number are necessary. Your residential address or office address are not important as your personal email or telephone number

Incomplete Profile

I still make this mistake. You have to fill all the newer sections. You shouldn’t leave any stone unturned.

Most people skip thier educational background and focus on thier experience, vice versa. You should even have links to your business website and others.

There sections for your positions held during your tertiary eduction and other things related to this when filling your profile. Do not overlook them because they count as well.

Not Being Strategic with your Headline and Bio

For me, this is the most important part. Your intro or bio should be an attention grabber. Learn how to construct your headline in such a way that it sends the message of who you are.

My LinkedIn Profile Blunders

Further, as you are drafting out your bio, pay close attention to your tenses and grammar. A good concise and gramnatical error free bio sends the a positive message to anyone who views your LinkedIn profile.

These are the few mistakes I have observed on Linkedin, I hope its helpful.