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NCC Invents Numbering Plan for Telephone Networks


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NCC Invents Numbering Plan for Telephone Networks

As part of its initiative aimed at designing a uniform numbering scheme for easy calls to subscribers and operators,the Nigerian Communication Commission (NCC) has developed a National Numbering Plan (NNP)

“The NNP would provide a uniform dialing procedure for local, national long distance, international calls and calls to emergency, special services, independent of where the call is originating from in the country.” NCC said on its website.

Other numbering information includes, terminologies, dialing procedure, area codes by zone and primary centre and mobile telephony number allocation.

It said that some of its terminologies are numbering area, trunk prefix, trunk code, directory number and international prefix, among others.

“Numbering area is part of the country to which a trunk code has been allocated and within that area only the directory numbers are dialed.

“Trunk prefix is the digit or a combination of digits to be dialed by a calling subscriber so as to obtain access to a trunk code and the numbering area.”

The commission said the international prefix is the number dialed after the international prefix.

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