Smartphones have replaced dogs as man’s best friend, if not his closest companion and this is thanks to technology, which has advanced so much that anyone who gets hold of another person’s device has more than enough data about the person.

It can, however, be frustrating to see your phone get unnecessarily hot or overheated and our good friend, Android Operating System (the most popular operating system in the world), is the main culprit. The question then is, what do you do about an Android OS that gets unnecessarily hot?

I have compiled below, a list of the most common reasons why your smartphone heats up and possible simple solutions that may help out. Here we go:

1)    Malware and viruses

This is probably the biggest reason why someone’s smartphone might get hot unnecessarily, and it is because malware and viruses seat in the background, wreaking havoc while the phone’s systems are working hard. The level of work these viruses perform behind-the-scene depends on what they are designed to do. As an example, a malware designed to capture every single data on smartphones will certainly exert more pressure.

To solve this issue, download apps from trusted sources only and, scan your phone with a good anti-virus regularly. Do your best to keep these harmful agents out by ensuring you avoid clicking on unknown links or downloading any suspicious file. If you suspect a stubborn virus or malware, simply do a factory reset and start afresh.

2)    Out-dated operating system

Assuming you are using a smartphone running Android 4.4 KitKat in today’s world of Android 7.1 Nougat, then, you are likely to experience it get hot when you try to run certain kinds of apps. Remember, some of these apps have already been patched and updated to work with the latest version of the OS and the likely effect is that it becomes outright difficult for your good old OS to work smoothly with them.

3)    Bad battery

A bad battery can also be a source of overheating of a smartphone. If the battery itself is not heating up, then, it is less likely that your battery is causing the problem, but if your battery is old or malfunctioning, then, you may want to consider replacing it. You may also consider taking your battery out of your phone, (if your phone has a removable battery), to check and make sure that it is not bloated or warped.

Unfortunately, some smart OEMs have handed us smartphones without removable batteries such that if you experience any battery related issues, then you would have to either — Finish Reading on the Punch Website


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