Honing your researching skills is very paramount, I will share with you some pro ways of searching and researching stuffs on Google.

Use Quotation Marks on the Exact Phrase

One of the most effective methods of searching or researching something more precise and specific is by using quotation marks in around the phrase you intend to search for.

For instance, if you are searching for Soccer blogs, you will get results sparingly on soccer and blogs will show results with both Joe and Bloggs, it wouldn’t be sequentially.

But when you search for “Soccer Blogs” using quotation on the exact phrase, search engine will bring out only those that specifically have the name Soccer Blogs on the internet. The exact phrase search is very beneficial for eliminating more common but less relevant results.

Searching within Site

Sometimes, the search engines of most websites aren’t doing well. Instead of using the search button on a website to search for a particular thing, you are better of using Google.

For instance, if you are searching for an article on Mobile Apps, using the search button on “”, you are better off typing out followed by a search term. When you add the search term to the web address, it even more powerful.

Use Asterisks

Pro Ways of Searching Stuffs on Google

Using asterisks helps you to figure out a complete search phrase. Let’s say, you are searching for a parable that says” It is better to be late than never”. Probably, you only remember “It is ……than never”. You can use asterisks in place of the missing words.

In other words, it can be used in place of a missing word or part of a word, which is useful for completing phrases, but also when you’re trying to search for a less definite article.

Another example is, if there is a search on architect*, it will search for architect, architectural, architecture, architected, architecting and any other word which starts with architect

Use Related

If you really want to search for terms that are related, there is also a trick for that. The related qualifier is useful for finding similar sites.

Searching for for instance, the results will show up other technology blog websites that Google deems the most similar to