Shittu Inaugurates NCC Board, Says Attention Must be Focused on other Sectors

The Ministry of Communications have expressed confidence on the new board members of the Nigerian Communications Commission, challenging them to work with the management team to ensure operators enhance the quality of their service.

The board is to oversee the affairs of NCC for the next five year.

The Minister of Communications, Adebayo Shittu while speaking with industry stakeholders believes in the ability of the new board to deliver on its mandate move the industry forward.

He urged the board members to synergise with the management team of the NCC in deploying latest technology at a very affordable cost to improve quality of service delivery in the sector as an industry that is consumer focused.

“I am confident that the choices made on the new board were made beyond human rapprochement. On the part of government, we expect the board to seek new ways to improve the quality of service delivery in the industry.

“If you look at their resume you will agree with me that we wouldn’t have had anything better in terms of quality. They are all distinguished in various professional fields, they have also proven to be men of integrity and moral standing and so one is convinced that they will not compromise the interest of consumers and regulatory authority.

“By the same token, they have given the commitment that they will ensure a level playing field for all operators. That means a lot because just as the consumers has rights operators also have their own rights as guaranteed by the law.

“They must be given an environment that will encourage productivity, satisfaction for customers and that will also bring in more money for Nigeria.”

Shittu promised the the administration would support any action that will improve the performance and image of the telecom sector

“We are ready to remove all stumbling blocks in the industry so as to ensure stress free deployment of telecom infrastructure by the service providers.

In his remarks, the Chairman of the board, Sen. Otumba Durojaiye said that the board will ensure level playing ground for all operators and would not allow any monopolistic tendency to thrive in the sector, insisting that the board ensure that healthy competition prevails in the sector.

He commended telecom investors for keeping faith with the economy and promised that the NCC under the new board would vigorously pursue initiatives that would empower consumers and improve quality of service by the operators.

“We will do our best to attain high level of service in the industry. Improvement of services is our target. We must ensure fair level field for all operators and no one should be kept in doubt that Nigeria needs healthy competition.

We are already working on improving the situation of poor quality of service. That is why we will welcome a healthy competition.

“We frown at monopolistic tendencies and will not fail to implore service providers to up their game. Service has worsened over the past two months.

We solicit their cooperation in activating the DND code to enable consumers check the menace of unsolicited sms, drop calls and poor quality of service,’’ the Chairman said.

The Chairman, Senate Committee on Communications, Sen. Bath. Nnaji in his address, said ‘‘NCC is blessed to have a new board with tested and eminent personalities with proven records of great achievements to assist in taking the industry to the next level.

With the inauguration of the board, he affirmed that the Commission is better positioned to seek new ways to reposition the sector for global best practices and charged the board to employ new cutting edge so that Nigerians can get value for their money.

He condemned the wanton destruction of telecom facilities by hoodlums and promised to partner the Commission to find an end to the menace.

He also charged the Commission to come up with policies that would address incessant cases of multiple taxation, low broadband penetration, unsolicited sms, poor quality of service, drop calls and Right of Way issues.

Chairman of the Association of Licensed Telecom Organizations of Nigeria, ALTON, Engr. Ghenga Adebayo, the charged the board to collaborate with the NCC to attain sustainable growth and expansion of the telecom sector in the country.