Currently, over 2 billion of the World’s population use smartphones, but the latest report from “Wireless Smartphone Strategies (WSS) services: Global Smartphone User Penetration Forecast by 88 Countries”: 2007-2022, show that global smartphone user base will grow 58% from 2016 to 2022.

While, smartphone penetration rate of population will increase to 44% worldwide in 2017, up from 39% in 2016. The penetration rate will further increase to 59% by 2022.

This surge has kept many computer manufacturers and dealers wondering if smartphones will completely replace personal computers and laptops.

Especially seeing as almost everyone owns one or more smartphones, but not everyone can boast of affording a laptop or a PC. The gap is obviously huge.

Some of the assumed reasons behind this are;

  1. The high cost of PCs and laptop as against the price of smart phones.
  2. The problem of size and ease of carrying around.
  3. Battery life of laptops as against that of phones.

Those and much more are some of the reasons people think laptops and PCs may soon go into extinction. But the truth remains, the laptops and PCs are going nowhere.

Experts and analysts in the technology space would attest to the fact that smartphone is almost as a productive tool as PC.

Although PCs have slight edges over smartphones, for instance, it allows one to surf the Internet more efficiently. PCs are used for more official purposes to keep documents and files more organized.

Since businesses and even individuals require efficiency to produce good results, therefore it is not out of place to state that the PCs and laptops are here to stay and the purchase and use of the would even increase in the nearest future.


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