Africa’s foremost STEM training organization, TechQuest has received partnership boost from Access Bank, ColdStone Creamery and BH Stripes to build a techy generation.

TechQuest is pleased to announce the opening of its 2017 summer camps on Monday, 17th July, 2017.

Charles Emembolu, co-founder/director TechQuest told Nigeria CommunicationsWeek that the flagship holiday program for children aged 6 – 16 – has been running since 2015 and has delivered training to roughly 2000 African kids.

He said, “TechQuest Summer Camp is an intensive 2-week Information Technology Training Program designed for primary and secondary children.

Participants will learn the fundamentals of web, animation, robotics and game design using tools and a curriculum at par with their age mates from San Francisco to Beijing.

“At TechQuest, we believe every African child should learn (know) how to program a computer.

TechQuest plans to hold 6 camps across Nigeria this summer, with 4 of these camps happening in Lagos. We are targeting a minimum of 30% of the participants being female.

Working with partners, sponsors and non-profits, we also aim to have 30% of participants being less privileged or disadvantaged children”.

The Co-Founder explained that the programme is designed to run for 7 hours a day (9am – 4pm), 5 (or 6) days a week from Monday July 17, 2017. TechQuest recently launched its Innovation Centre at Lekki Phase 1, Lagos.

The TechQuest programs are an engaging, fun-filled experience for children in a conducive environment through hands-on interactive lessons and projects.

“In the last 2 years TechQuest has delivered STEM training to over 2000 African children across 5 Nigerian states including Lagos.

In 2016, TechQuest partnered Hon Desmond Elliot to deliver training to 1000 Lagos kids in what has become known as one of the largest STEM camps in Nigeria to date.

The training was for 2 weeks and held across 4 locations in Lagos State,” he said.

Emembolu added that TechQuest has a mandate to equip African children with the right skillset for the knowledge economy of today and tomorrow.

The platform also targets to deliver STEM education to at least 10000 African kids by 2020. This will be done as FREE sponsored programs, national STEM competitions, weekend clubs and Summer Camps.

Other features of the 2017 Summer Camps include, Ice Cream Fridays at ColdStone Creamery, Office kids at Access Bank Technology Studio, Interactive Quizzes by Tutor Doctor and financial literacy games by Early Savers Club.