A growing trend amongst smartphone manufacturers is the production of water resistant phones, a very welcome development that would save consumers the costs of repairing a smartphone damaged by water.

We sometimes make that mistake of dropping our smartphones inside the water, and a smartphone without a water resistant feature is likely going to be damaged.

Here are a few phones that are the best water resistant phones available in the market.

iPhone X, 8s, 8: Apple sure do know how to make good products, and these are no exceptions.

Samsung Galaxy Note 8, S8, and S8+: Samsung has been a leader in getting its flagship phones high IP ratings so that its customers can use the devices almost anywhere they go

LG G6: Also comes with dust resistance rating. The best part about this phone is that its price has dropped to the point that its half of the cost of the Note 8.

LG V30: The V30 is LG’s best-looking phone in recent memory.

HTC U11: This is one phone to you reckon with.

One could purchase these phones with a degree of assurance that they won’t get utterly destroyed by water.

However, these phones do come with some restrictions as some rules are guiding their usage in other to get maximum satisfaction.

  1. These phones are only water resistant if briefly submerged in fresh water less than 1 meter deep and no longer than 30 minutes temperature.
  2. These phones must not be exposed to non-fresh water, high water or fast-moving water, or sand since these may cause overheating and possible damage to the phone.
  3. Do not attempt to charge the phones when they are wet.
  4. If any of these phones have had contact with salt water, liquid chemicals, or contaminants, immediately rinse the telephone and sun-dry thoroughly before using.
  5. Do not put the phone in any water containing soap, detergent, or shower gel, sea water, swimming pools, spas, or hot water.
  6. If the smartphone accidentally falls in water, avoid pressing the controls such as the POWER and do not operate the phone.
  7. The fact remains that normal wear and tear may decrease the resistance over time.

So go out there and explore any of these phones that catches your fancy and you can afford to follow the safety rules and enjoy the world of technology.