Technology has evolved over the past 20 years since the inception of the internet where computers across the world are interconnected to servers.

This concept of technology was necessary to solve a need of how people communicate and the ease of accessing files and/or documents.

To further buttress the fact, technology involves applied science and engineering which encompasses the theory aspect taught in classes where students practically memorize the letter and are able interpret without to some extent applying the theory to practical to make it less stressful of thinking imaginary.

The system of education practiced here in Nigeria has not helped matters where university graduate are taught by lecturers who basically have not changed their lecture notes which has limited thinking of adopting the latest subject topics that are relevant at this time.

The Nigerian tech ecosystem is growing with the introduction of co-working spaces and hubs where young tech enthusiast can collaborate and synergize ideas to build systems that can compete with global recognized standards.

But what do we have today are people going around with the ego that they can write codes and programme the web both front and back end scripting. I am sorry to announce to you that coding is not technology.

I am not saying that it is bad to learn it but coding or writing programming languages is just a skill that anybody can pick up and learn comfortably within a very short stipulated time based on your willingness and determination to input command that the computer understands.

Essentially programming language is just a situation where a human gives instruction to a machine that it can understand and use it to compute and analyse data. Simply put it as garbage in, garbage out (GIGO).